simpledependencies v1.0 

 The Simple Development Library package dependencies finder 

Project: the Simple Development Library.

Table of contents

1. Overview
2. Usage
3. Examples
4. History
5. Copyright

1. Overview

simpledependencies loads the given package and displays either its dependencies or the packages that depend on it.

In the first mode (when not using the -d flag) the package dependencies are shown in a tree layout.

In the second mode (when using the -d flag) the available packages are scanned looking for dependencies on the given package; notice this process is slow.

In both modes, the requisite and actual version loaded are displayed for each dependency.

Keywords: package and dependency.

2. Usage

simpledependencies [-r version] (-d package | [-a] package)

simpledependencies --help

simpledependencies --version

simpledependencies --examples

Option Effect
-r, --requisite REQUISITE package version requisite (defaults to none if -d given, or to the highest available version otherwise)
-d, --dependon PACKAGE display the packages this one depend on
-a, --all display all dependencies, not just the first time
package package to display its dependencies
--help display this help and exit
--version output version information and exit
--examples display some usage examples and exit

3. Examples

4. History

Date Reason
14-abr-2002 Unreleased first version 0.1
22-jun-2005 The Simple Development Library version 1.0

5. Copyright

Copyright (C) 1999-2005, Juan C. Gil (